Woocommerce order export with custom fields

Wc Order Export

Many woocommerce website owners struggle with export orders with custom date. If some of the existing order export plugins are premium plugins.

Wc order export provides to you export woocommerce order with custom data.

Wc order export admin panel

The above image is wc order export admin panel


  1. Wc order export allows you to export three file types
    • XLSX
    • CSV
    • JSON
  2. User can choose his own custom header for csv, xlsx and json
  3. New order with order export data attachment option enable/disable
  4. User can export order – order wise / order item wise – optional
  5. Drag and drap csv header and re-arrange csv headers
  6. You can add custom meta field to export data
  7. You can change export data header title
  8. Start date to end date order export or Order ids exporter
  9. You can save export configuration
  10. Order status wise exporter available

Order meta headers

Form here all order meta order and products meta headers available. You can drag and drop to “meta fields header” area. It will reflect into export data.

wc order export header in csv

Here already saved config export header meta showing. If you want you can re-arrange the headers.

Change header title

In this above screenshot example for how to edit the title of meta header.

Wc order export options

Above screenshot is options for wc order export, you can modify it and update the configurations.

Filter wc order export data

To here user can choose order start date – end date or multiples of order ids and order status.

And then click export.

Wc order export hooks:-


To render header

add_filter( "wc_order_export_header_render", function( $title ){
// To do..
return $title;


While adding value

add_filter( "wc_order_export_header_render", function( $value, $title ){
// To do..
return $value;

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